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EMGuidewire's Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

Join Dr. Jeremy Driscoll and his Sports Medicine Corner as the EMGuideWire addresses LisFranc Fracture. Know how to evaluate and manage this important foot injury!

Oct 26, 2018

Join Dr. Jeremy Driscoll of the EMGuideWire Team for this episode of his Sports Medicine Corner. In this episode, Dr. Driscoll covers Patellar Dislocation!

Oct 19, 2018

Join the EMGuideWire team as they discuss the basics of successful procedural sedation. Explore the various medication options that can keep our patients comfortable.

Oct 11, 2018

Join the Dr. Kathryn Kopec as she joins the EMGuideWire team to discuss how the Toxicologist approaches the patient who has a potential exposure to an intoxicant. Review your basic evaluation and treatment options and learn how to recognize those all important toxidromes! 

Oct 4, 2018

Join the EMGuideWire Team as they discuss the evaluation and management of Peritonsillar Abscess (PTA) in adults and children.