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EMGuidewire's Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

It it the end of Sepsis Awareness Month, but there is a BONUS Monday (Sept. 30th), so why not a BONUS episode! Join the EMGuideWire Team as they explore the challenges the children bring to this clinical condition. Let's review Pediatric Sepsis!


  • Screening should be age adjusted. Identify severe sepsis....

Sep 23, 2019

Join the EMGuideWire Crew as they continue to explore the High Yield management points for Sepsis! 

This week's Episode's Pearls:

  • Early fluids save lives. Give 40cc/kg bolus in first 3 hours. But don’t fluid overload the patient!

  • U/S the heart and lungs: A plethoric IVC, immobile mitral valve, and B lines on the...

Sep 16, 2019

Join the EMGuideWire crew once again for this month's series on Sepsis in honor of Sepsis Awareness month. Episode 3 will cover antibiotic use and selection.

Antibiotics for Sepsis

  • Take a history and perform a chart biopsy first! Consider past infections, bug susceptibilities, healthcare acquired vs. community...

Sep 9, 2019

Sepsis Awareness Month continues! Join the EMGuideWire Team as they dive into the issues of Fluid selection for resuscitation. 

1) Fluids are not all created equal. Use balanced fluids for large volume resuscitation.

2) Lactated Ringers is likely the best choice available in the ED. Plasmalyte is also a good option, if...

Sep 2, 2019

Join the EMGuideWire Team,from Carolinas Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Charlotte, NC, as they explore the critical core concepts on the important topic of Sepsis. In this first episode, the team will discuss the definitions of Sepsis.


  • Sepsis is a dysregulated systemic inflammatory response...