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EMGuidewire's Podcast

Nov 30, 2018

Join Drs. Nicholena Richardson and Jennifer Potter from the EMGuidewire Team as they review and REBAKE previous Ped EM Morsels ( In this episode, they discuss three important potential causes of chest pain in the pediatric patient.

Nov 19, 2018

Join Dr. Driscoll from the EMGuideWire team as he discusses the very important topic of exertion related heat illness. The Sports Medicine Corner can be helpful for everyone who cares for our patients who may overexert themselves. Know how to stay cool when they get too hot!

Nov 15, 2018

Join the EMGuideWire crew as they review Pericarditis evaluation and management in the ED. Are those ST segments more concerning for ischemia? Are steroids helpful? These questions and more will be answered!

Nov 2, 2018

Join the EMGuideWire Team as they discuss some basic concepts to help you make decisions about initial ventilator settings after intubation.