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EMGuidewire's Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

OB Trauma Core Concepts

  • Physiologic changes of pregnancy: physiologic anemia, decreased SVR, increased HR, increased RR, and pelvic vessel engorgement 
  • Traumatic complications: placental abruption, preterm labor (PTL), uterine rupture, and pelvic fx
  • Abruption triad = abd pain, large for dates uterus, vaginal bleeding
  • Perform cervical check to eval for PTL
  • Obtain Type and Screen and KB test
  • Give Rhogam if mom is Rh neg. 50 mcg if <12 wks, 300mcg if > 12 wks
  • Check fetal HR after E-FAST, nml is 120-160



-Travis Barlock